Things we don't want to lose

There are some fundamental properties of Federated Wiki. Some of these are built in, as part of the software, others are more of a convention.

Wiki's are owned by an individual.

Wiki sites are opinionated, in that they contain the opinion of the owner. There is no requirement of consensus, though over time neighbourhoods may attain one.

Sites are created as required. Typically for a specific topic.

Page history. It is important to be able attribute content on a page correctly. Pages get forked, items added edited and deleted. Over time a page may accrete the thoughts and ideas of many people.

Ruthless simplicity. This should not be confused with doing the easy thing, and is more an aspiration. This has been lost with text content mark-up where the easy thing has been done, creating plug-ins for each markup, which creating needless complexity for the user. Seeā€¦